FlashDevelop and SVN Integration

Though FlashDevelop guys are working on integrating FlashDevelop with SVN, we can go with this handy tool.

To integrate SVN with FlashDevelop, you should have installed one of the SVN clients (say tortoiseSVN) on your machine.

FlashDevelop can be integrated with SVN using following steps ::

Step 1:

Create a file named build.bat in the directory containing your FlashDevelop project file and paste following code in that file :


set TORTOISESVN_PATH = C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin

“%TORTOISESVN_PATH%\TortoiseProc.exe” /command:commit /path:”%CURRENT_PATH%\*”/logmsgfile:”%CURRENT_PATH%\logmsg.txt” /notempfile /closeonend:3

“%TORTOISESVN_PATH%\SubWCRev.exe” “%CURRENT_PATH%” “%CURRENT_PATH%\version.a” “%CURRENT_PATH%\version.txt”


Step 2:

Also create another file named “version.a” with following content ::

build=$WCREV$ ;
date=”$WCDATE$” ;

Step 3:

Now go to Flash Develop Project Explorer  Right clik on project  Properties  Build
In the Post-Build Command Line, add following line ::


Step 4:

Press F8, when you want to commit files inside the FlashDevelop project.

You can fine more information regaring this on : FlashDevelop and SVN Integration