Flash Player 10 beta 2 Released

Flash Player 10 beta 2 was released on 7/2/2008 and includes new features and bug fixes.

New features on Flash Player 10 – ASTRO beta 2 ::

More details can be found on adobe labs flash player technology.

You can find the new version of flash player 10 beta on adobe labs download center.


Naresh Khokhaneshiya

Identify all the key strokes in Flash IDE Environment

By default, when you press some key in Flash IDE Environment, in ActionScript you will not be able to handle DELETE key stroke as that is shortcut key in Flash IDE.

To handle such key strokes in ActionScript, while running an application in Flash IDE, go to swf’s Control menu and tick ‘Disable Keyboard Shortcuts’. Now ActionScript will listen all the key events which are shortcuts in Flash IDE Environment.

– Naresh Khokhaneshiya

AIR – Change the size of Stage at runtime dynamically

Yesterday I came across a fact that you can resize the stage size dynamically at runtime using actionscript code. But this is limited to AIR only (either Flash or Flex) but not supported in normal Flash.

Following is the code to change the width and height of the stage at anytime (runtime) using actionscript in AIR (Flash) ::

stage.stageWidth = {numericValue};

stage.stageHeight = {numericValue};

Of course, we can change the width and height of the stage in Flash (normal) using JavaScript or some other external script which controls the container of the swf file.

Naresh Khokhaneshiya

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional – Error

I found that Adobe Flash CS3 Professional gives following error in IDE ::

Location : , Line 1

Description : 5005: Unknown error optimizing byte code.

Source :

This is happening when I compile library of size 8+ MB, and that is having 250+ classes !!

Do any one know what is the exact reason behind this or any solution for this?

Naresh Khokhaneshiya