Virtual Directory in WAMP using Symbolic Link

You can setup a virtual directory in WAMP using Symbolic Link. You have to create a symbolic link in Windows using following command :

mklink /D [virtualDirectoryName] [TargetDirectory]


/D indicates the target is a directory and not a file. If you don’t provide this then it will take file as target by default

[virtualDirectoryName] is the name of the virtual directory

[TargetDirectory] is the target directory to which you want to link the virtual directory

For example, if you want to create a site using name ‘mysite’ and you want to link this virtual directory to the directory ‘d:\somefolder\sitecontent’, then assuming the location of wamp as ‘c:\wamp\www’ you will create symbolic link as follows :

mklink /D c:\wamp\www\mysite d:\somefolder\sitecontent

I think it would be very useful to create virtual directory in wamp so that we would not have to put all the content into www directory of wamp.

Windows Vista Ultimate Explorer Bug

Just see the attached file to see the bug in the tree view of Windows Vista Ultimate Explorer. There is only one folder in the drive and its showing two folders of the same name in tree view.

Same thing you can find with filenames also. See another attachment which shows pure bug of Windows Vista Business Explorer where it shows two files with the same name and with same extensions in the same folder !!!

Naresh Khokhaneshiya