Adobe Flash Professional CS5

I am back to my blog with this great news that Adobe will release Beta of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 before end of this year.

The great feature would be support of iPhone and iPod developement using ActionScript 3.0! That’s really exciting, right?

Looking forward for the first Beta and testing with iPhone or iPod application 🙂

-Naresh Khokhaneshiya

Searching Array using Array.indexOf() function

Searching in Array using Array.indexOf() function is very easy :). For example,

var toys:Array = new Array();

var searchIndex:int = toys.indexOf(“ball”);
if(searchIndex == -1)
trace(“No! how can it be there”);
trace(“Yup! it’s there”); //output will be from here

So, it works fine when the value inside the indexed array is primitive – i.e. Number, String, Boolean etc. BUT it will not work when array contains objects of type Object. For example,

var toys:Array = new Array();
toys.push({name:"ball", count:2});
toys.push({name:"bat", count:2});
toys.push({name:"glows", count:2});
toys.push({name:"pads", count:2});
toys.push({name:"runs", count:200});
toys.push({name:"wickets", count:2});

var searchIndex:int = toys.indexOf({name:”ball”, count:2});
if(searchIndex == -1)
trace(“No! how can it be there”); //output will always be from here if you search an object
trace(“Yup! it’s there”);

So, that’s the case for objects. In the syntax of Array.indexOf(itemToSearch:*, fromIndex:int = 0), we notice that the first argument is * data type – i.e. it can be any data type, BUT it’s not working for Object. Would any one have lights on this?

Built-In Context Menu Items on Flash TextField

Is there any way to hide default context menu items on Flash TextField? Some one will try to answer with ContextMenu.hideBuiltInItems() function, but this function does not really work with Flash TextField. It does not hide the built in items.

So following code does work but not as expected ::

var myContextMenu:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();

var txt:TextField = new TextField();
txt.contextMenu = myContextMenu;

Now if you right click on TextField then you will see that you can see all the built in item. Any one knows why?

Flash Player 10 Release Candidate

On August 11, 2008, Adobe released Flash Player 10 Release Candidate. This version has only one update from last Beta update and that is NSS, i.e. Flash Player 10 for Linux now supports Mozilla’s Network Security Services(NSS) for secure network connections.

You can find more information about this on adobe labs over Flash Player 10 release notes.

Flash Player 10 beta 2 Released

Flash Player 10 beta 2 was released on 7/2/2008 and includes new features and bug fixes.

New features on Flash Player 10 – ASTRO beta 2 ::

More details can be found on adobe labs flash player technology.

You can find the new version of flash player 10 beta on adobe labs download center.


Naresh Khokhaneshiya

Adobe announces Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 beta

Adobe labs announces Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Beta. You can download Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Beta from here.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Beta includes following new features ::

Live View

View your web pages under real-world browser conditions with the new Live View in Dreamweaver — while still retaining direct access to the code. The new rendering mode, which uses the open source rendering engine WebKit, displays your designs like a standards-based browser.

Related Files

Manage the various files that make up the modern web page more efficiently in Dreamweaver. The Related Files feature displays all the documents associated with your current page, whether CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or XML, in a bar along the top of your document.

Code Navigator

The new Code Navigator pop-up window shows you all the code sources that affect your current selection. A click in either Code or Design view brings up the Code Navigator pop-up, which displays CSS rules, server-side includes, external JavaScript functions, Dreamweaver templates, Library files, iframe source files, and more.

CSS best practices

The Property inspector’s new CSS tab shows the styles for the current selection as well as all the applicable CSS rules. Hover over any property to view a tool tip with jargon-free English explanations of CSS principles. New CSS rules can be created and applied in the Property inspector panel and stored in the same document or an external style sheet.

Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks

Write JavaScript more quickly and accurately with improved support for JavaScript core objects and primitive data types. Work with popular JavaScript frameworks including jQuery, Prototype, and Spry.

HTML data sets

With HTML data sets functionality, you can create your data in a standard HTML table, a series of div tags, or even an unordered list and then choose Insert > Spry > Spry Data Set to integrate that data into a dynamic table on the page with sortable columns, a master-detail layout, or other sophisticated displays.

Photoshop Smart Objects

Photoshop and Dreamweaver integration has evolved to the next level of compatibility and functionality. Drag and drop an Adobe Photoshop® PSD file into a Dreamweaver page to create an image Smart Object.

Subversion integration

Dreamweaver integrates Subversion software for a more robust check-in/check-out experience with file versioning, rollback, and more. Once you’ve defined Subversion as your version control system, you can update your site to get the latest versions of its pages directly from within Dreamweaver; no third-party utility or command-line interface is required.

Adobe® AIR™ authoring support

Create multiplatform desktop applications from your Dreamweaver HTML and JavaScript sites with new Adobe AIR™ authoring support.

New user interface

Work faster and smarter across Dreamweaver and other components of the next version of Adobe Creative Suite® thanks to a new level of integration and common user interface elements.

Read the release notes for additional details regarding the Dreamweaver beta.

– Naresh Khokhaneshiya